Property Investment

We offer experienced, independent and professional advice on all aspects of residential property purchase in Bury St Edmunds and the surrounding area.

We can give you an expert view on new and second hand stock; single and block properties; mixed use, value add or development opportunities. When we acquire a property on your behalf, we will always negotiate the optimum price. We can provide you with project management services where refurbishment is required.

How we do it

We have a close working relationship with an established network of estate agents throughout the area and can often provide you with pre market or off market opportunities. We analyse, filter and refine opportunities according to your individual requirements. Whatever your priority, be it income, location or style of property, we will always search and examine the widest range of suitable properties before presenting you with a highly targeted list of investments which match your requirements. Apart from a nominal engagement fee we charge you nothing unless we complete a purchase for you.


Detailed financial and physical analysis of property is used to identify the suitability of each individual acquisition. As well as looking at the upside potential of your investment we analyse the risks and discuss them with you.


We source through our network of estate agents as well as direct from owners. Importantly, this may include pre or off market transactions, as well as marketed property.We then review and filter the often numerous opportunities to identify those which match your requirements.


We will always provide you with the full facts behind each opportunity. We will negotiate thoughtfully on your behalf and communicate closely and candidly throughout the process.